New Horizons Network can provide groupwork in relation to emotional health and wellbeing. Working in a group can be as valuable as working one-to-one, demonstrating that we are not alone. Strength, wisdom and insight can be gained by listening to another’s perspective which in turn can be powerful and supportive.

All groupwork and workshops are delivered by experienced professional counsellors covering various topics.

Rolling group work programmes


Sex shop – This workshop provides an opportunity to discuss and explore the area of sexuality and sex. Whilst a sensitive subject, and the content explicit, this workshop aims to provide a fun and informative day looking at the messages we receive about sex, how that informs our relationships and how we can feel comfortable with our sexual selves.

The day will run from 10 am – 5 pm.

Cost: £75.00

Dates to be released shortly

Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy (RPET)

Are you suffering from chronic physical or emotional pain?

RPET can help.

Latest indications from NHS pilot shows:

  • 71% are pain FREE after treatment.
  • 22% have noticeably REDUCED pain.

Are you suffering from chronic physical or emotional pain?
Does it feel like you’ve tried every avenue?
If any of those sound like you, RPET can help.


We offer a unique method of pain relief, involving removing the old message of pain by Mind Mediation. It has so far been effective in helping people with: Arthritis, Back Pain, Crumbling Spine, Fibromyalgia, Scars, Post Thrombotic Syndrome and all types of old injuries. It can also be used to turn off or down Emotional Pain. You can expect a complete removal of pain, or less commonly, a reduction to an acceptable level. Removal of the old pain is advisable, as the old messages can mask new problems you might ignore.

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