Did you know that addressing wellbeing at work has shown to increase productivity by 12%?

Poor mental health is currently the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK, with a staggering 70 million work days lost every year, costing employers an estimated £2.4 billion annually.

Over two thirds of employers say that poor mental health and substance abuse have contributed to absences and lateness in their organisations. Furthermore, 71% of UK Small and Medium Enterprises say that absenteeism is having a ‘big impact’ on their profitability.

What can you do?

Many business leaders are making mental health a priority for their teams, as it’s not only an important part of ethical business practice, but will also improve their businesses overall.

It can give your staff the tools to:

  • Manage their own mental health inside and outside of work
  • Know how to reach out to colleagues in distress
  • Understand how they can work with others to make the workplace more mentally healthy for everyone.

Consider: How many absences, sick days or bad weeks do your employees have per month?

People who feel good about themselves often work more productively, interact better with their colleagues and make a more valuable contribution to the workplace.

To start working towards better employee mental health and productivity, there are just three simple steps:

  • Give employees our phone number or email
  • We offer a free assessment to outline how we can help
  • The employee can then choose whether to take up the service and continue seeing us for as long as they need to

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Poor mental health can affect employees in a number of ways:

  • 80% find it difficult to concentrate

  • 62% take longer to do tasks

  • 57% find it harder to juggle multiple tasks

  • 50% can be less patient with customers

  • 37% are more likely to get into conflict with colleagues

  • BUT: 80% of people with depression will recover fully with appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

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